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The Full Story

Kickin it Productions LLC is a Digital Media Agency committed to the betterment of marginalized communities. Our subsidiary publishing house promotes the telling of well-rounded stories through education, acceptance, and grace. Currently, we offer ghostwriting, copy editing, literary publication, and video production services. Essentially, we’re experts and well-trained individuals in our field and can help bring your literary & film ideas to life!

Gordon College multi cultural feminist


Best of the Best

Being, A Memoir

Dr. Thomas Gilovich (Cornell University), discovered 76% of people die with the same regret- being who others want them to be, instead of who they really are. At 21 years old, Shakia Artson experienced enough trauma to know that she no longer wanted to live with regret. Her compilation of poems and short stories place us in the center of a Black girl’s Brooklyn. It's wrapped in vulnerability and wisdom, and was brought to life by our team of independent book publishers.

Poetry Videos

What does freedom mean to you? My answer: not letting boys use me. Being Brook-[Lyin]: Worth Pt. 3 is Chapter 14 of Shakia Artson's debut publication, "Being: A Memoir of Truths, Lies, & Intentional Mishappens." This heartfelt music video encompasses any woman’s plea to her future seed..."to be better than those before you." The video was written and produced by Artson, and shot in the city of Los Angeles, CA.

Social Media Plans

Are you launching a business or service, and need assistance building a social media marketing plan? Let our team of marketing professionals help build your consumer funnel, and ensure your success. This service is for anyone who has a brand, product, or other type of upcoming launch, and is seeking a media kit/digital portfolio. Also we provide social media tiles/posts and SEO consultation for your site.

Reading in a Forest

Self-Publishing Strategy

(Print & Ebook)

Take your book from concept to completion with the help of Kickin It Productions'

Self-Publishing Strategy. With our knowledge and experience, we can gui...

Pausing While Typing

Let us help you get your manuscript ready for traditional publishing. Our Traditional Publishing Guide offers step-by-step guidance on how to get your written manu...

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